HGV Alterations

McCabe Engineering can carry out custom aterations on your commercial vehicle.

A great amount of investment has gone into ensuring that we are using the latest design technology such as AutoCAD, to ensure that we give you a solution and a service that exceeds your expectations.


Due to the varied nature of work carried out by rigid vehicles it is necessary and possibly feasible to change the use of a particular unit rather than trade in. The rear mounted assembly can be changed or modified to suit a certain period of work. On the unit pictured, a standard eight wheel rigid tractor unit was fitted with a pre used tipper body. Mudguards were then manufactured to suit and fitted.

Platform Installation

On this particular grab lorry the space between the cab and the hydraulic grab was to large for safe access between control panels on both sides of the unit. So we designed and installed a platform to replicate the small platforms that were already installed. The grip on the floor panel was kept the same and was done so using the CNC plasma unit. The platform is mounted directly to the chassis and provides safe accessibility for the user.