Plant/Agri Refurbishment

We are very particular about putting our name to a project , so when you hire McCabe Engineering to restore your machinery we will not cut corners whatever needs to be done will be done. We want our clients to be happy, with this in mind we only use quality parts, and during the restoration each and every part of the process is checked and double checked before applying that final coat of paint. See some of our previous work below.

Major Topper Refurbishment

The link arm of the topper had not experienced the same level of corrosion as the body and it was salvageable. However the body had gone beyond repair. A new body was manufactured and most of the components transferred to the new unit. The side skids were galvanized to give a longer life span. Two pack paint was applied and stickers replicated to look like the original.

Slurry Tank Refurbishment

The internal layer of metal on a slurry tank is constantly being eroded by the slurry liquids that are being passed through. Overtime the metal wall is reduced causing the tank structure to become weaker and eventually decompresses due to the vacuum being applied during filling. For this particular project it was necessary to replace the tank as the level of erosion and damage from decompression was irreparable. Most of the parts on the tank such as the pump and fittings could be transferred to the new tank. To try and prevent erosion internally in the new tank two coats of bitumen paint were applied. Externally, two pack primer and topcoat were used.