Trade Steel Signs

McCabe Engineering uses the best suppliers in Ireland and holds a large quantity of QUALITY stock to help provide you with the fast service and a cost effective product. All steel letters that need locators are stud welded or brass locators via braising with high break solder which allows us to powder coat, wrap and pack the items immediately for dispatch providing a fast and quick service.

Professional, Distinctive and Durable

Distinctive and durable built up steel lettering provide a professional and modern look to any business. Finishes are available in galvanized or painted. At McCabe Engineering we take personal pride in every sign we manufacture.

Cost-Effective Signage

Text, graphics, and logos are reproduced and made available in a variety of dimensions,shapes and fonts of your choice. High volume orders can be produced inexpensively, and McCabe Engineering wants to provide you with the most inexpensive, cost-effective sign solution. Call Us today for your plaques and nameplates quotation.